Creation of new critical business data for

Industry and Supply Chains

fly4u revolutionizes Industry and Supply Chain through the integration of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies into its devices. A first in Europe!

Thanks to its business expertise and  its “Edge AI Low Power ®” proprietary solution, fly4u produces more and more complex data with added values :

Take-off/landing detection

Air freight

Washing duration of a
Returnable Transit Packaging

Ensure a logistical and quality monitoring

Residual cable

Monitor site

Skip filling

Automatize and optimize logistics flows

fly4u also offers standard functionalities such as indoor/outdoor geolocation, temperature alerts and shock detection of your industrial mobile objects.

Objectives : 

  • Improve the performance of industrial processes 
  • Create new sources of revenue of services in 5 main business verticals: drums, skips, trailers, Returnable Transit Packaging and aeronautics.


our Vision

An evolving IoT sector

A customer demand which concerns more complex business data.

A service approach for each business vertical

ffly4u has developed a real expertise in 5 main business verticals to meet the specific needs of each industry…

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Machine Learning (ML)

... thanks to its
"Edge AI Low Power
 ® " :
proprietary solution IA/ML technologies integrated in its devices.

Customer Testimonials

- France (client ATR),January 2019
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“Very good product, robust, efficient and easy to set up (device + platform). ffly4u team is very reactive to customize the solution to your exact business needs. We have been using the devices for more than a year now, in an industrial environment and the outcomes are very satisfying”.
Olivier PINTO
Europe Service & System Director
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Our new sensor-based service is taking cable drum fleet tracking and management to the next level, with cost savings of 20 percent easily achievable for MV drums. And if rolled out to high voltage drums that can cost 10 times as much, the potential savings could be huge. The concept has already been proved on a project of 1000 drums and the next step is to extend it to several thousands. While drums are an immediate objective, the wireless tracking technology could have many other applications for electrical infrastructure such as transformers and generators. This is a very important example of our commitment to extending Nexans’ customer offering beyond supplying cables to providing a complete management service.
connected devices
business verticals

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The fly4u teams are trained around a double DNA: technical expertise and supply chain expertise.

Our IT department brings together different technical dimensions in terms of knowledge and hardware know-how, embedded software, LPWAN networks, etc. The supply chain expertise, led by the Business Development department, capitalizing on more than 15 years of experience in this field, completes the technical dimension.

All fly4u services have been designed with a supply chain approach in mind, taking into account its constraints and its value creation objectives.

Yes, the 3 business pillars of ffly4u (the devices, the LPWAN networks, the IoT platform) are totally independent, which allows to create a commercial relationship only through the acquisition of devices and a recurring quality tracking subscription. service.

We have partnership agreements with renowned leasers so that our customers can finance the fly4u’s solutions by leasing: the price of the service becomes a rent per month and per asset to be traced, and thus passes into the bottom line charges. The VAT is thus paid with the monthly payments and you do not pay any tax charges.