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In an evolving IoT sector, fly4u’s observation is clear: since the emergence of the Internet of Industrial Objects in 2014, the available devices on the market have been providing standard data (geolocation, temperature, etc.), whereas the market demand has changed. Since 2018, the market demand has been more focused on complex and specific business data.

fly4u chose to respond to this demand by developing a vertical business approach, based on a detailed understanding of the business (thanks to substantive collaboration with field users) and a proprietary embedded technology – “Edge AI Low Power ®”.

This innovative approach allows, as a whole, to identify in detail the different life phases of an industrial object, ensuring the creation of specific data with high added value, which can in some cases be monetizable. For example:

  • Calculation of the residual cable length on a drum, a real KPI to monitor the progress of construction sites,
  • Measurement of the washing duration of a Reusable Transit Packaging, allowing it to be reintroduced into the supply chain,
  • Filling alert on a recycling skip which is a clear signal for the skip to be evacuated,
  • ….


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