Edge AI Low Power®



Evolution of the iot market

A full service which offers

Raw data

  • Geolocation
  • Temperature
  • Movements

Critical business data

  • Calculation of residual cable length on a drum to monitor the work in
  • Measurement of washing duration of the RTP to ensure quality and logistical monitoring
  • Landing / take-off detection for air cargo tracking




For more monetizable business value.


The solution to meet market demand

Edge AI Low Power ® -by-fly4u

Business data processing directly inside the device through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies.

Autonomy of batteries controlled = 5 years

A first in Europe!

Edge AI Low Power ® -by-fly4u

Landing/Take-off detection

Air freight tracking

Measurement of washing duration of a Returnable Transit Packaging​

Ensure logistical and quality monitoring

In transit
(in a moving truck)