Frequently Asked Questions

1- I do not know anything about electronics, I want to talk about supply-chain. What do you suggest?

The ffly4u teams are trained around a double DNA: technical expertise and supply chain expertise.

Our IT department brings together different technical dimensions in terms of knowledge and hardware know-how, embedded software, LPWAN networks, etc. The supply chain expertise, led by the Business Development department, capitalizing on more than 15 years of experience in this field, completes the technical dimension.

All ffly4u services have been designed with a supply chain approach in mind, taking into account its constraints and its value creation objectives.

2- I already have an IoT platform, can I connect your devices?

Yes, the 3 business pillars of ffly4u (the devices, the LPWAN networks, the IoT platform) are totally independent, which allows to create a commercial relationship only through the acquisition of devices and a recurring quality tracking subscription. service.

3- I want to benefit from ffly4u's solutions but I do not want to deteriorate my EBITDA / investments ratio. What do you suggest?

We have partnership agreements with renowned leasers so that our customers can finance the ffly4u's solutions by leasing: the price of the service becomes a rent per month and per asset to be traced, and thus passes into the bottom line charges. The VAT is thus paid with the monthly payments and you do not pay any tax charges.

4- There are several networks :SIGFOX, LoRa, GSM, …. Wich one suits better my project ?

One of ffly4u's strenghts is to be totally independent of data networks. Our devices are adaptable to a SIGFOX network, as well as to a LoRa network or GSM. During our business meeting, we will adapt the technical choices to your real needs.

5- Where are your devices produced ?

Our devices are designed, prototyped and produced in France. These are 100% Made in France devices!

6- We are a big company, what references do you have?

ffly4u's services have been recognized favorably by our ecosystem. To date, we have more than a dozen major account references and we received two Supply Chain and Connected Items trophies and a Supply Chain Trophy nomination organized by L'Usine Digitale..

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