ffly4u and supply chain 4.0

In June 2015 in Toulouse, Olivier Pagès and Philippe Lefaure are convinced that the future of the Supply Chain in the era of the digital transformation of companies will go through the creation of value via embedded information on mobile assets: ffly4u was born !

The beginning of the story begins a few years earlier. Olivier Pagès, then President and founder of PICK-AND-GO, a plastic pallet pooling company in an industrial environment, realizes the need of manufacturers in asset tracking. He is thinking of a first solution, based on passive RFID technology to track pallets, that does not quite meet the demand of industrial producers and distributors. Real needs are then emerging:

  • Need for precise information on the location of assets and, as an option, temperature and shock monitoring:
  • ... without infrastructure to minimize technological dependence
  • ... at low unit cost due to the high volumes in the industry.

A double technological breakthrough occurred at the same time with the lowering of the costs of electronic components and the arrival of low-frequency and long-range networks (LPWAN). Indeed, while the cost of an accelerometer is $3 in 2007, it is around 57 cents in 2017. LPWAN networks are much less energy consuming (ratio divided by 10 compared to GSM) and less expensive (ratio divided by 4 compared to GSM).

After a first fundraising from the IRDInov investment fund in October 2015, then a second campaign closed in April 2018 (IRDInov, WISEED and a Business Angel), we are planning a new fundraising campaign in mid-2019 with our current shareholders.

Today, ffly4u has 14 IoT enthusiasts, including 11 engineers specialized in hardware, software and mechanics. In March 2018, ffly4u chose to specialize in 4 vertical business lines (myDrum-by-ffly4u, myBin-by-ffly4u, myTrailer-by-ffly4u and myEquipment-by-ffly4u) by developing a tailor-made service for these business lines.

ffly4u ‘s full solution consists of 3 independent pillars : a multi-functions fflyTrack Myria device (GPS, BLE, WIFI,  T°C, NFC, Acc 3D), totally made by ffly4u’s team. A LPWAN connectivity as SIGFOX or LoRaWAN to send data to the cloud. A platform-data for data recovery.


ffly4u is a French services company specialized in embedded information on all mobile assets, for the benefit of manufacturing and distribution industries. Here are the key dates:


Olivier PAGES, as manager of LPR (La Palette Rouge) pooling of wooden pallets, and then of PICK-AND-GO, pooling of plastic pallets, notes the strong demand of the industrial sectors for embedded information if 4 conditions are united:

- Permanent outdoor and indoor tracking function (not only flow identification as in passive RFID) with the addition of environmental data such as temperature, humidity, CO2, shocks, movements, etc.

- Very low technological impact on the infrastructures of the sites concerned: for example, no costly and fragile portals, ...

- Autonomy of the devices / sensors in energy of a minimum duration of 4 years.

- Reduced costs per asset per year to attract all industrial and distribution sectors and the largest volumes (> 10,000 units).

2014 / 2015 

Implementation of a device at CASINO, aiming to locate on 10 sites near Lyon, 10 metal pallets equipped with a simplified version of the SIGFOX device.

End of the testing device for CASINO, and achievement of 100%, proving the very good match of customer needs with the SIGFOX technology and the group "device / RF network / data platform".

June 2015 : Creation of ffly4u SAS.

Oct 2015 : Entry to the Capital of the seed fund IRDINOV: contribution of 700k € in 2 parts.

December 2015 : License agreement with the Thingworx Data Platform (PTC)

January 2016 : First samples delivered from the first generation of the device.


ffly4u’s team