The B2B services of ffly4u fit all the sectors of the Supply Chain but we are specialized in 4 main « business » verticals :

ffly4u has developed customized features for each of them to answer precisely the issues and needs of the Supply Chain.

In order to test our IoT solution for 3 months : myDemokit-by-ffly4u

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Drum Monitoring / Follow-up of the order

  • Outdoor and indoor Geolocalization
  • Inter-drums communication
  • Peering drum vs order
  • Calculation of the length remaining cable / fibers

Assistance to site management

  • Presence of the order on site / alert
  • Geofencing: entry / exit of the site’s area
  • Timefencing: motion alert outside work schedule
  • Follow-up of the drums’ turnover rate / alert


  • Better management of the drum
  • Better management of the site
  • Creation of business-value around the follow-up of order for the benefit of the end customer
  • Help to monetize this value


  • Industrial manufacturers of fibers / electrical cables / shealts
  • Owners of telecom networks or electrical grids
  • Providers in Civil Engineering


  • Fixing a fflyTrack to the drum
  • Embedded SW myDrum-by-ffly4u
  • Platform - data myDrum-by-ffly4u


  • Outdoor and indoor automatic geolocalization of the bin in use : 1 message with GPS point per day
  • Outdoor and indoor automatic geolocalization of the stationary bin : 1 message per day et 1 message per week with GPS point
  • Unloading alert
  • Link bin / order
  • Impact detection : alert
  • Follow-up of bins’ condition: maintenance, ID, etc.




  • Better control of bins’ pool
  • Outdoor and indoor automatic geolocalization of bins
  • Unloading alert
  • Follow-up of the bins’ life : maintenance assistance
  • Pay-per-use business


  • Manufacturing industries: wastage, waste, etc.
  • Waste management indutries / recycling
  • Construction industries / Civil Engineering
  • Agricultural cooperatives
  • Etc.


  • Fixing a fflyTrack to the bin
  • Embedded SW myBin-by-ffly4u
  • Platform - data myBin-by-ffly4u



Trailer LPWan telematics

  • Geolocalization of the trailer 1 to 10 times a day
  • Automatic peering : trailer vs truck
  • Drastic reduction of the standard costs

Follow-up of the ‘’life’’ of the trailer

  • Knowledge of the trailer’s running time
  • Knowledge of the trailer’s condition (status, repair, etc.)
  • Alert via email/SMS : unloading, temperature threshold, etc.


  • Trailer LPWan telematics : alternative to very expensive GSM telematics
  • Monitoring of the temperature
  • Suppression of diverted trailers
  • Objectivation of the trailer’s use


  • Trucks / trailers’ renters
  • Logisticians
  • Transport
  • 1 to 4 PL
  • Etc.


  • Fixing a fflyTrack to the trailer and a fflydot to the truck
  • Embedded SW myTrailer-by-ffly4u  
  • Platform - data myTrailer-by-ffly4u


  • Indoor geolocalization
  • No need of infrastructure : Wifi (WIP)
  • Light infrastructure: BLE
  • Easy deployment : 1 fflyTrack per asset / 1 fflydot BLE per 300m².
  • Follow-up of temperature / Option : cold chain controlled with a remote probe for temperature
  • 3D accelerometer : motion impact, prolonged immobility, smart strategy of alert (after motion for example)



  • Precise indoor geolocalization
  • Measure of temperature
  • Follow-up of the couple content / container
  • Can be adapted to other handling equipments


  • Retail industries
  • Warehousing / distribution
  • Downstream flows : Warehouses => stores


  • Fixing a fflyTrack to the equipment
  • Embedded SW myEquipment-by-ffly4u
  • Platform - data myEquipment-by-ffly4u


A complete IoT solution to test for 3 months :

  • Fixing the device fflyTrack Myria to the mobile asset
  • LPWAN networks as SIGFOX or LoRa For data transmission to the cloud
  • Platform data powered by ThingWorx (PTC) for data recovery

myDemokit-by-ffly4u offers the possibility to test our solution for 3 months.

It includes a device fflyTrack Myria, a LPWAN connectivity as SIGFOX or LoRa and a platform data powered by ThingWorx (PTC).

myDemokit-by-ffly4u has standards features –as a message sent every 10 mins in motion- to allow you to test and evaluate our solution on all kind of assets.

Do not hesitate to contact us by email or by phone !

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