Assets Integrity Localization and Monitoring

New challenges have to be realized in order to enter the Supply Chain 4.0, with information on materials handling, freight and more generally on logistical means (drums, bins, trailers, working vehicles, containers, etc.).

Our solution allows indoor and outdoor geolocation, temperature monitoring, shock/movement detection and torque container / content tracking to ensure the integrity of your assets. It consists of 3 independent pillars:

  • A device fflyTrack Myria to fix to the mobile asset
  • A LPWAN connectivity as Sigfox or LoRa
  • A platform data for data recovery

Benefits and creation of value through the :

  • Optimization of ressources
  • Creation of data monetizable by ffly4u’s clients
  • Automation of the receipt of goods ordered by knowing the date and time of arrival (depart from the factory, arrival on site, ...)
  • Respect of the cold chain (temperature tracking of the goods)
  • Optimization of assets maintenance by measuring their actual use

3 business pillars

  • IK08 et IP69
  • WAN: Sigfox or LoRaWAN 868 MHz
  • LAN: NFC ISO/IEC 14443 / Bluetooth Smart
  • Location: GNSS compliance GPS & Glonass
  • Embedded sensors: temperature, accelerometer 3 axes
  • Multiple mounting solutions: 2 holes for screw or rivets, sticker
  • Power supply: 2 Li Battery AA 3,6V
  • Range temperature operating : -20°C / +65°C (option remote probe)
  • RF Regulation: CE certified
  • Rilsan fastening
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 140,2 x 45 x 35,3 (mm)
  • Weight: 150g
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2 support pillars

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